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Online Digital Platform For Transforming Your Communication Skills

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JPUniversity is an online platform that helps you enhance your communication and presentation skills. JPUniversity helps its users become better Public speakers, TED speakers, leaders, salespeople, and a better human being. The courses at JPuniversity are aimed at helping individuals learn the art of public speaking.

JPUniversity is for all individuals and companies who are passionate about communication. If you wish to become a better leader, speaker, TED speaker, CEO, CMO, salesperson, or simply a better human being, then JPUniversity is for You!

TEDx Talk | David JP Phillips | JP University

David JP Phillips is a communication coach and the Founder of JPUniversity. David spent 7 years studying and analyzing more than 5000 public speakers. As a result of which, he created the 110 steps of communication, which is also known as the JPU Matrix. He has dedicated his life to spreading the knowledge of communication in order to make this world a beautiful place to live in. David JP Phillips has been awarded number #18 in the World by Global Guru 2020 and his TEDx talks have been viewed over 5 million times combined.

He was shy as a child. If a shy boy from the countryside could do it, you can do it too.

JPUniversity courses include:
Course 1: 110 Steps of Communication
Course 2: Walnut Method
Course 3: By The Campfire
Course 4: Death By Video Conference
Course 5: Death By PowerPoint
Course 6: Spices
Course 7: Magical Science of Storytelling
Course 8: WOW Self-Leadership
You get access to the entire JPU Matrix when you subscribe to any of our plans.

You can get a public speaker certification at JPUniversity. Public speaker certification course will help you master the art of public speaking, learn communication skills, and presentation skills. You will learn the magical science of storytelling, the science of body language, the correct hand gestures, and tone of voice. The public speaker certification course is based on Science and backed by research.

You can take presentation skills training at JPUniversity. JPUniversity has a dedicated course for presentation skills training which teaches you how to create mind-blowing presentations. You will learn how to create amazing powerpoint presentations and get the best presentation skills training from David JP Phillips, who is a well-known TEDx speaker & Presentation Skills Coach.

In the "PowerPoint" class, you will get the full spectrum of how you should use PowerPoint, when you should use PowerPoint, and why you should use PowerPoint. The Death by PowerPoint course covers presentation skills, the SIX powerpoint commandments, brain design, and more.

"I am, I always have been, and I always will be The Presentation." - David JP Phillips

Learning how to use other visual aids will be revolutionary in your business and blow the minds of your next audience. This course will teach you how -

Using a black background instead of a white background helps the audience to focus on the Presenter. If the background is white, then it becomes the object with highest contrast. Thus taking away focus away from the Presenter.


Yes, you get certification for every course you finish successfully. You can use this certificate to boost your CV and get your DREAM job.

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