Discover 8 Secrets To Creating Mind-Blowing Presentations

• Learn how the brain works
• Use PowerPoint to enhance your message
• Know about the graphical tools
• Increase the joy for PowerPoint
• Be the best PowerPoint creator in your business

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Quiz: Test Your PowerPoint Skills

Watch The TEDx Talk With Over 2 Million Views On YouTube

Presented to you by David JP Phillips

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The Most-Common Problem At All Boardroom Meetings

How can one person sitting in a board meeting with ten others, observe a dismally bad PowerPoint filled with charts, graphical elements, and page numbers? With time, all members of the room slowly start fading into the background as they start to think of other things to keep themselves alive. You know the feeling, the boredom, the absolutely abhorrent waste of time.

After 40 minutes, they stand up, a bit dazed, trotting off to their own office, coming to their computer, flipping it up, going like, “Oh my god, I’ve got a presentation tomorrow, and I have a PowerPoint to build… ”

The Death By Powerpoint course will help you AVOID making such grave presentation mistakes and the knowledge shared with you will become your SECRET weapon to creating mind-blowing PowerPoint presentations.

But the question is, "Are you willing to discover these secrets?"

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23 PowerPoint Videos Included In The Course

23 Unique PowerPoint Videos, 17 Interactions, 8 Chapters, and 1 Diploma




How to avoid Death By PowerPoint
Presenting Powerpoint


How to avoid Death By PowerPoint
Slide Delivery


How to avoid Death By PowerPoint


How to avoid Death By PowerPoint
Magical Control


Brain Design


How to avoid Death By PowerPoint
Go Professional


How to avoid Death By PowerPoint
Goody Bag

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6 Powerful Ways This Course Will Help You

1. The Science of Brain Design

This course is based on Science and backed by research on neurology and biology. We promise you will be amazed by the content of the course.

2. Video Course

Inside the course you will find 23 Unique PowerPoint videos, 17 Interactions, 8 Chapters and 1 Diploma.

3. Become A Master Presenter

This course will help you design the best PowerPoint presentations of all time. You will be delivering your best PowerPoint presentation every single time.

4. PowerPoint Tools

Tools that will make a real difference in your next PowerPoint presentation.

5. Six Commandments

The course will teach you the six commandments of a successful PowerPoint presentation.

6. Boost Your CV

Each course you finish gives you a certificate you can put in your CV to land your DREAM job.

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No credit card required.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Read the commonly asked questions below

Death By PowerPoint is a talk delivered by David JP Phillips at TEDx Stockholm with over 2 million views on YouTube. He talks about PowerPoint skills and the importance of delivering one message per slide, working memory, size, contrast, bright or dark background, and the number of objects to be used per slide.

The Death by PowerPoint course covers the secrets of creating mind-blowing presentations. Making amazing powerpoint presentation is a skill anyone can learn. Even a 10-year young kid could learn David's Death by PowerPoint secrets and make better powerpoint presentations.

You should start by viewing David's TEDx talk, which talks about SIX powerpoint presentation secrets. The complete Death by PowerPoint course covers presentation skills, slide delivery, the 6 commandments, magical control, brain design, and the goody bag.

The best way to master presentation skills is by taking the "Death By PowerPoint" course by JPUniversity. In the "Death By PowerPoint" course, you will learn how to master presentation skills, importance of having one message per slide, the role of working memory, and more. Presentation skills course covers size, contrast, backgrounds, and more so you can master PowerPoint presentations.

In the last few decades, we have put humanity through bad PowerPoints repeatedly - without understanding what PowerPoint is all about. The Death by PowerPoint course will give you a deep understanding of what your PowerPoint should look like to be as brain optimized as possible.

There are more options than using powerpoints in your presentations. In this course you will learn about the best visual aids you can use. Knowing how to use them all will improve your next presentation dramatically.

Most people struggle with having a clear message in their PowerPoint presentation. It is very important that you include optimal amount of objects on each slide, guide focus with contrast, and your powerpoint presentations will never look the same again.

According to David JP Phillips, a public speaker & presentation expert, you should have not more than 6 objects per slide. Adding more than 6 objects requires 500% more cognitive resources for your mind to process the data on the PowerPoint slide.

"Understanding the end game" PowerPoint slides delivered by a CEO in 2010 has been awarded to be the world's worst PowerPoint slide ever. Death by PowerPoint.

You should ideally use a black background in your PowerPoint. Using a black background in your PowerPoint presentation allows you, the presenter, to become the object with highest contrast. Hence listeners can focus on you and not the slides. Remember what David JP Phillips has said - "I am, I always have been, and I always will be The Presentation."

When you put lot of content in a PowerPoint presentation and say it at the same time, your audience won't remember anything you said. 90% of the information you passed on will be forgotten in 30 seconds.


Yes, you get a certification for every course you finish. You can use this certificate to boost your CV and get your DREAM job.

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