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David Warmly Welcomes You To "How To Avoid Death By Video Conference"

Inspired by his first TEDx talk "How To Avoid Death By PowerPoint" and considering the fact that teams are now working remotely more than ever, David has made this course exclusively for You.

Inside this course, David shares his unique perspective on Video conferencing today and he takes a deep dive into the psychological and cognitive aspects of video conferencing..

Delivering a meeting or presentation via video is very different from a live version. Learning what the difference is and using it to your advantage can truly associate your persona with brilliance! This is an easy time to shine, because most people are doing it wrong - and they don't know that yet.

Video conferences increase efficiency, save money, reduce the CO2 footprint and allows for flexibility so there is no question about it – they are here to stay!

The video conference tips stay in your dashboard for 24x7 Unlimited Access & you can replay them as many times as you wish.

So, are you ready to deliver the Best Video Conference of your whole life?

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10 Videos Included In The Course

10 Unique Videos, 8 Interactions, 5 Chapters, and 1 Diploma

death by video conference
death by video conference
death by video conference
death by video conference
By the campfire
WOW self leadership

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Inside The Course: 8 Commandments of A Successful Video Conference

Death By Video Conference | David JP Phillips | JP University

• Video quality, sound quality, lighting, internet
• Framing, backdrop, attire, surrounding environment
• How to spice your video calls and grab attention
• Give a secret dopamine boost to your audience
• Optimal structure for video conferencing
• Become a Video Conferencing SuperStar

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12 Most Critical Video Conferencing Topics Covered Inside This Course

1. Tech Setup

Improve desireablility of your video conference. Get a PDF download of VC-policy you can follow. Discover the 8 commandments of a successful video conference.

2. Video & Sound Quality

What matters most in your video conference? Well, here are things that matter most: video quality, sound quality, proper lighting, a smooth internet connection, formal attire, and your surrounding environment.

3. Muting Or No Muting

This is a sensitive question. David says, "No muting". WHAT? How can you say that David?

Well, imagine this. You are sitting in a real meeting with the people around you. No one is allowed to make a single sound and to avoid that happening we put helmets on everyone's head. When the speaker asks for a yes or a no or any kind of collective communication feedback people have to open the strap and remove the helmet and then put it on again.

Tell me honestly, would you like to sit in meetings like that? No one would.

4. Microphone Types & Their Directionality

Find out more about microphone types and the directionality of a microphone.

5. Become A VC SuperStar

Delivering a meeting or presentation via video is very different from a live version. Learning what the difference is and using it to your advantage can truly associate your persona with brilliance! This is an easy time to shine! Don't miss it.

6. Deliver Keynotes Online

A growing trend is live-streamed keynotes and if done correctly, they can definitely replace live keynotes. Those who learn this skill will have an upper edge over those who don’t in our modern societies. Inside this course, you will learn exactly how to deliver world-class keynotes streamed all over the world.

7. Psychologically Optimized Structure

Imagine being able to plan every single step of a chess game and winning it! One wrong move will cost you the game. The same applies to video conferences. Learn the “psychologically optimized structure” of a successful video conference.

8. The Magical Power Of Oxytocin

Oxytocin is the neurochemical which can elevate the sensation of bonding, trust, and generosity between people. For instance, you can ask them to get themselves a cup of warm tea or coffee. Holding something warm increases generosity which causes a release of Oxytocin. More amazing ideas are inside the course!

9. Using Your Voice & Body Language

A video conference is similar to an offline presentation. But there is one major difference: it is way easier to lose the attention of your participants. But with the right tech-setup, inducing dopamine & oxytocin, having an optimized structure along with an excellent use of voice and body language will make you a VC SuperStar.

10. How To Grab Attention

Our attention span as humans has been reducing day by day, thanks to our modern apps & tech-oriented lifestyles. A study by the Consumer Insights team at Microsoft shows that attention spans have come down to a mere 8 seconds. So what can you do about this? Well, the answer is dopamine!

11. Dopamine

Dopamine is your motivational chemical. Almost every single action you take in life is driven by the 21-atom strong neurochemical, dopamine. It works by giving you small doses to tease you toward the planned action. For instance, drinking coffee would be driven by small doses of dopamine to make you stand up and pour yourself a hot jug of java. More amazing ideas are inside the course!

12. Boost Your CV

Each course you finish gives you a certificate you can put in your CV to land your DREAM job.

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No credit card required.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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In the "Death By Video Conference" course, you will learn about the 8 commandments of a successful video conference. You will learn techniques for spicing your video calls and grabbing attention. Also learn how to give a secret dopamine boost to your audience. Become a Video Conferencing SuperStar.

The "Death By Video Conference" course includes ?? Unique Videos, ?? Interactions, 5 Chapters and 1 Diploma.


Yes, you get a certification for every course you finish. You can use this certificate to boost your CV and get your DREAM job.

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