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Do You Wish To Mesmerize Your Audience?

David JP Phillips has spent over 7 years studying 5000+ of the World's Greatest Speakers including Tony Robbins, Pewdiepie, Barack Obama, Eddie Izzard, Jane McGonigal, Susan Cain, Dan Gilbert, Sir Ken Robinson, Simon Sinek, Nancy Duarte, Hans Rosling, Dan Pink, Brene Brown, and many more.

David then waved his magical wand and brought into existence the JPU Matrix.

JPU Matrix | Communication Skills | Public Speaking

JPU Matrix

David waved his magical wand again and made the JP Spice Rack appear.

JPU Spices | JP Spice Rack | The Spices of Communication Skills | Public Speaking

JP Spice Rack

Every spice inside of this course is POTENT POWER. You can simply "spice" your talk with any of the spices and your audience will find you MESMERIZING.

Do you dream of doing a TED talk and touching the lives of millions of people on planet Earth? The Spices module will help you achieve just that. World's best TED talks make use of these spices every 30 seconds. Imagine you being able to do the same.

Are you ready to MESMERIZE everyone with your Public Speaking skills?

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130 Videos Inside The Spices Course

You will get UNLIMITED 24x7 access to all 130 videos in this course

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Become The World's Greatest
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130 Public Speaking Spices | JP Spices | JPU Spice Rack | JP University

• How to mesmerize your audience
• Grab audience attention within seconds
• Become the world's greatest speaker
• Deliver world-class presentations
• Deliver keynotes like a Pro even if you're a novice

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7 Mesmerizing Reasons You For You To Take This Course

1. Have More Fun On Stage

Delivering talks and presentations have become commonplace in today's modern world. Most get bored doing it over and over again. After taking the Spices course, JPUniversity students come back and say, “Wow, I have fallen in love with presenting again, Thank you” and “Finally I enjoy presenting”.

2. 130 Mesmerizing Videos

Inside the Spices course module, you will find 130 chapters with one unique video per chapter explaining everything in detail. You will also find examples of how you can use a spice.

3. Deliver TED-Quality Talks

The Spices module is filled with secret ingredients you could use to "spice" your TED talk. The most famous TED talks use spices every 30 seconds. Imagine you being able to do the same. Now, you can learn and choose from a library of 130 different spices. Yay!!

4. Mesmerize Your Audience

It doesn't matter if you are a novice or a professional speaker, you will be able to start using these spices immediately. They're so easy to learn and use that it will almost feel magical. So the question for you now is, "Do you wish to mesmerize your audience?"

5. Color-Coded With Magic Filter

All the 130 spices are color-coded and indexed mesmerizingly based on these three: Potential Power, Persuasion Type & Area of Use.

6. Deliver Best Keynotes

A growing trend is live-streamed keynotes and if done correctly, they can definitely replace live keynotes. Those who learn how to use these spices will have an upper edge on those who don’t in our modern societies.

7. Boost Your CV

Each course you finish gives you a certificate you can put in your CV to land your DREAM job.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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The "Spices" course will help you deliver TED-quality talks. In this course, you will learn how to mesmerize your audience and grab audience attention within seconds. You will also learn how to deliver world-class presentations.

The "Spices" course includes 130 Mesmerizing Videos, ?? Interactions, 5 Chapters and 1 Diploma.

Every spice in this course has POTENT POWER. You can simply "spice" your talk with any of the spices and your audience will find you MESMERIZING.


Yes, you get a certification for every course you successfully finish. You can use this certificate to boost your CV and get your DREAM job.

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