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Get Things Done Based On Science

• Become time efficient
• Save time, create time, optimize time
• Harness your cortex & gain immense willpower
• Control your emotions & harness your instincts
• Learn the secret to maximizing sleep
• Use the "Pomodoro Method" to boost productivity

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Time Is Your Most Valuable Asset

It is said, "The only currency every human being on this planet has is an equal amount of time."

This is true if you look at time as a constant. But let's not do that. Let's look at time as a variable or "Time is relative." as Einstein one hundred years ago declared. And as with any variable, you can dynamically change it in a multitude of ways.

It’s not until you learn how to harness time that you can level up and become whatever you want to be in life. With the "Walnut Method" we would like to give you one of the GREATEST LESSONS you will have ever learned in your whole life.

Skills that, if used correctly, will have a MASSIVE IMPACT on your life. Learning and using the "Walnut Method" might be one of the best things you will have done for yourself.

But the question is, "Are you willing to do that for yourself?" Say, "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

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No credit card required.

11 Videos Included In The Course

11 Unique Videos, 11 Interactions, 13 Chapters and 1 Diploma

The Walnut method
The Walnut method
The Walnut method
The Walnut method
The Walnut method
The Walnut method
The Walnut method
The Walnut method
The Walnut method
The Walnut method
The Walnut method


The Walnut method
The Walnut method

No credit card required.

7 Secret Ways To Boost Your Productivity, Create More Time And Do More Everyday

1. The Science of Brain Design

This course is based on Science and backed by research on neurology and biology. We promise that this course will dramatically boost your productivity levels.

2. Video Course

Inside the course you will find 11 Unique videos, 11 Interactions, 13 Chapters and 1 Diploma.

3. Slow Down Time

Imagine being able to slow down time. Imagine being able to do things so efficiently that it will feel like you have superhuman abilities.

4. The Pomodoro Method

Work for 25 minutes, then take a 5 minutes break. Repeat 4 times. See your productivity levels boost up!!! A lot of our customers rave about the productivity boost they get by using this technique.

5. Choose Your Mental State

Self-leadership is fundamentally about the ability to choose the mental state you want to be in and move into that mental state within any chosen moment. Let’s learn how to, by a combination of emotional stimuli, brain frequencies and much more!

6. Harness Your Cortex

Learn secret ways of harnessing your cortex and improving your willpower. The cortex helps us among many things with language, mathematics, rational thinking, deduction.

7. Boost Your CV

Each course you finish gives you a certificate you can put in your CV to land your DREAM job.

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No credit card required.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Read the commonly asked questions below

"The Walnut Method" course will help you become time efficient. You will learn how to save, create, and optimize time. You will learn how to harness your cortex & gain immense willpower. You will also learn how to control your emotions and the secret to maximizing sleep.

The "Pomodoro Method" says work for 25 minutes, then take a 5 minutes break. Repeat 4 times. It will help boost your productivity levels and use your time more effectively.

"The Walnut Method" course includes ?? Unique Videos, ?? Interactions, 13 Chapters and 1 Diploma.


Yes, you get a certification for every course you finish. You can use this certificate to boost your CV and get your DREAM job.

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