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JPUniversity is an online platform that helps you enhance your communication and presentation skills. JPUniversity helps its users become better Public speakers, TED speakers, leaders, salespeople, and a better human being. The courses at JPuniversity are aimed at helping individuals learn the art of public speaking.

JPUniversity is for all individuals and companies who are passionate about communication. If you wish to become a better leader, speaker, TED speaker, CEO, CMO, salesperson, or simply a better human being, then JPUniversity is for You!

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David JP Phillips is a communication coach and the Founder of JPUniversity. David spent 7 years studying and analyzing more than 5000 public speakers. As a result of which, he created the 110 steps of communication, which is also known as the JPU Matrix. He has dedicated his life to spreading the knowledge of communication in order to make this world a beautiful place to live in. David JP Phillips has been awarded number #18 in the World by Global Guru 2020 and his TEDx talks have been viewed over 5 million times combined.

He was shy as a child. If a shy boy from the countryside could do it, you can do it too.


Yes, you get certification for every course you finish successfully. You can use this certificate to boost your CV and get your DREAM job.

"No one understands me" is a common communication problem for most people. If you always feel like no one understands you, then you should learn how to communicate better. Here are 3 ways to communicate better:
1. Clarity of thought
Make sure you have one hundred percent clarity of what you wish to communicate. If you understand yourself, then others will understand you.
2. Avoid arguments
There are chances that your communication with other person(s) has had many arguments. When an argument happens in a conversation, it's a huge turn-off and you lose the opportunity of making the other person(s) understand you. So avoid any arugments and explain yourself very calmly.
3. Give examples
Think of your friends or colleagues who have been have in the same situation. Then give their example so others can understand your side.

"No one understands me" is not a problem for you anymore. Good luck.

A professional speaker is a person whose job is to communicate a message to a group of people. The speech they deliver in such a way is usually compensated for.

You can overcome frustration in relationships by clearly communicating your thoughts. Lack of communication and mis-communication are the primary reason for frustration in a relationship. Being gentle, kind, and empathetic toward the other person will help immensely.

The best way to overcome frustrations in a personal relationships is by clear communication. Make sure you clearly communicate your thoughts to the concerned person. It will help if you are kind, gentle, and show empathy for the other person in the relationship. That way you can build a long-lasting personal relationship.

If you're facing frustrations in a business relationship, it means that you are not clearly communicating your thoughts and ideas to the other person. Communication plays a key role in any business relationship. Resolve your frustrations in a business relationship by making them understand you better. Share your honest thoughts about the situation and tell the other person how your intention is simply to resolve the conflict.

In order to achieve a sales target, you need the following:
1. Mind-blowing confidence
You need to be confident of what you are selling. Have the best of intentions for your customers and see yourself achieve your sales target easily.
2. Persuasion techniques
You will need to learn persuasion techniques and study how the human mind works in order to achieve a sales target. The "JPU Spices" course covers many persuasion techniques and spices you could use to convert a hard "NO" to a powerful "YES".
3. Storytelling techniques
Using storytelling techniques is by far the most effective way to reach your sales target. The "Magical Science of Storytelling" course at JPUniversity can be of great use to you. In this course, you will learn how to release dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins in your sales targets.
4. Impeccable focus
You need impeccable focus so that you can go all in on your sales target. Focus is key to success in all that is.
5. Excellent communication skills
Sales targets will require you to master your communication skills. Imagine being able to magnetize your target customers and making them take the exact intended action you wish them to take. Communication skills are key.

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