How it works

Interested in joining our online university?

This is how we designed it to create the optimal learning experience for you.

The Course Matrix

This is the view of the entire JP University course collection (called The Matrix).
Our aim is to create the worlds most comprehensive platform for communication skills. It will continue to grow for a long time and is a perfect fit for sales teams, leaders, educators, teachers and public speakers alike. If you liked Davids TED-talks, this is the next step on your journey. All coming updates, courses and webinars during your licensed period will automatically be included in your private Matrix. 


When you start a lesson, the first thing you will meet is a description of the contents and how you can apply it in your own life. Many times there is a video of David JP Phillips teaching you the most effective ways of using the tool or technique.

Exercises for every step

To learn and apply the lessons in a better way, we also include exercises with every step. Some of them are easy to practice and some of them require a little more time and commitment on your part. Use these to grow your skills as fast as possible!

Over 300 Video examples

Communication skills are everywhere and we want to prove that by showing you different celebrities using the same skills in real life. Sometimes they are masters of the skills and sometimes they make crucial blunders we can learn from.

Backed by research

We leave nothing to chance. The skills we teach are based on either +20 years of experience or/and by science. That way you can be sure to get the most correct information in your lessons. There are always links to the publications if you want to read about a subject more in depth.

Quizzes to prove your new skills

Test what you have learned by completing the quizzes at the end of every step. Here you will see if you’ve gotten smarter or if you need to repeat a certain part of the lesson. How many points will you collect?

Get your diploma in communication

When you have proved your skills in the final tests you will receive a diploma as a proof of your progress. Elevate your CV, put it on your wall, connect it to LinkedIn and enjoy the feeling of gaining knowledge in the most important subject you can ever learn. 

Gamification and Treasures

There are 10 golden treasures for you to unlock in JPU. Some contain full length keynotes with David, some contain complete infographics, e-books on PowerPoint and more. When completing the entire Matrix the final Treasure will be unlocked and there you will find the opportunity to take a JPU Masters in communication. 

Find the right lessons for you

We have created specialized guides in the University that easily shows you the most relevant lessons for your situation. For example, if you are a salesperson there are certain skills that are more relevant for you to begin with and learn. Just search for your interest or role and the most important lessons will pop up for you!

Try it for 24 hours

JPU will in the near future also be released as an app on the app-stores of Apple and Google. 
This means that we abide to the 24 hour money there and here. So feel free to try JPU out for 24 hours
and if you find that it doesn’t suit your current needs we will give you a full refund. 

JPU is the brand of David JP Phillips Online Campus and the use of the word University is for the symbolic association only and is not a government approved university. 

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !