Tell stories that will be remembered forever

Learn how to create a lasting impact with the power of storytelling

Have you ever heard a story that moved you and made you change your behaviour? Do you want to learn how to tell stories like that?

Then you've come to the right place.

How can you and I go to the movies and pay good money to watch movies like James Bond who are absolutely unrealistic? We sit there and enjoy the movie and then we leave the theatre going like, “God, what a man, ha ha! I would like to be more like him. I’d like to walk like him. I’d like to talk like him. I like Bond!”

I wonder how I could be more like Bond and then this weird revelation hits you like from nowhere and you come up with a brilliant idea to walk to watchmaker shop, and wow! It just happens there is an Omega watch in that shop that resembles the one that Bond was wearing in the movie. You pay $10,000 to put that watch on your wrist and you leave that store feeling more like Bond.

How is that possible? PQ Media tells us that $10.5 billion is turned over in product placement revenue every single year. How is it possible for you to be so easily manipulated by something as simple as a story?

Well, it all comes down to one core thing and that is emotional investment. The more emotionally invested you are in anything in your life, the less critical and the less objectively observant you become. This is a crucial skill in your communication with other people. Imagine being able to convince someone to choose your company over another by telling a story. This is exactly what we teach our students to do in our courses and seminars. Now it’s available for you too!

"WAUW! The practical lectures, articles and great video examples were amazing! After completing only a few steps I had some concrete skills I could try out in real life. So, I changed up my sponsor pitch as to apply the newly acquired techniques I had learned in the course so far. With these simple tips and tricks, I felt a much stronger emotional response form my audience – and… we got our largest donation to date and earned back the investment in one single pitch! Absolutely amazing!"
Founder of Hay Nako Organization

The Magical Science of Storytelling

Would you like to be able to, with an almost surgical precision, inject your customers brains with a cocktail of hormones specifically blended to serve your purpose? Of course you would, who wouldn’t?

One of the most exciting trends in the field of Presentation skills is definitely the growing interest for storytelling. Storytelling has been a vital part of our lives since ancient times, serving as an invaluable tool for persuading others and passing on important knowledge to future generations. Our brains are literally wired to follow stories, you could even say we are addicted to it. This immense power over us has led science to break down storytelling piece by piece to understand why it is so effective. We are now able to pinpoint at a neurological, psychological and biological level how and why storytelling works, especially with the purpose of persuasion, selling or teaching someone something.

This course is a complete package, based on the latest scientific findings, where we break down all the elements of storytelling and explain every step of the way. We have travelled to five different countries to learn about storytelling from diverse cultures and put together a unique course for you to indulge. During the course you will get the full toolbox on how to best structure a story, but also the benefit of practicing varying kinds of stories depending on what effect you wish to achieve. This course will hand you the front edge against your competitors on a golden platter!

Learn how to

Use cutting edge science about the brain to influence your audience

Tell stories with hormones in mind to create a roller coaster of emotions that will never be forgotten

Create a clear and easy to follow structure that makes storytelling a piece of cake

Shorten your learning curve

You don’t have to look any further. We have done all the mistakes and learned the hard way. By learning from us you can travel much faster and avoid the most painful mistakes.

Look good fast

Once in awhile we see a person who goes from newbie to pro really quick and then we smile for oursleves and wonder who trained them. One thing is clear – they had a great mentor.

Do what the best does

It might be hard to believe, but all the “naturals” you see out there are very aware of what they are doing right. From the outside it seems like magic, but if you follow our intsructions you will also become one of the best in the business.


We base everything we do on science in biology and neurology to maximize the brains potential to learn. We also try everything out extensively before we teach it to you, so we know it works.

Where others teach broad concepts, we dig deep in a step by step model to be clear on everything you can do in your communication. There are also video lessons for you to take part in and watch when we do it for real.

Having three big TEDx-talks online clearly shows that this is the real deal. Communicating with these steps in mind opens up a whole new world. Make sure to not wait on the sidelines while others become better than you.


Before the internet you could only get close to these skills with a degree in rhetorics, but even with that it takes a huge amount of time, energy and money! With a coach you get the prime experience and most focused results, but we are not available to you all day long and we also charge a good amount to be there with you. The most affordable and best bang for the buck right now is clearly our JP University with 100’s of lessons in communication available to you a few clicks away!


€10 000+





"Yesterday I finished the MAGICAL ART OF STORYTELLING, and I would just like to say that it is an absolutely delightful, insightful and meaningful course. I am enjoying the process of indexing my stories and I am also more aware of the potential hormones I’m experiencing when I now engage with stories. So cool! I can see the skill expanding which is just a phenomenal awareness to have. I enjoyed that the quiz was challenging and tied everything together. AWESOME JOB WELL DONE!! I cannot wait to continue with the next one."
Tasneem Hartley
University of Cape Town

Wait! There's more...

BONUS #1 - 110 Steps of Communication

The ULTIMATE module of the 110 steps will give you the 8 ultimate skills of public speaking and presentations. These last 8 steps are the ones which will make you stand out the most per skill, at the same time these 8 skills are also quite understandably the most difficult skills to master!

Anyone who takes their communication, presentation and public speaking seriously and really want to up their game on stage or in the meeting room should practice the ultimate skills. Delivering these 8 skills on a high level is an absolute necessity for excellent communication skills.

Learn how to

Use the pause to create suspension that keeps everyone on their toes

Find your flow and create beautiful sentences that will be remembered

Create powerful and clear visual cues that will get your message remembered for a long time

BONUS #2 - How to avoid Death by PowerPoint

David JP Phillips TEDx talk on PowerPoint has become massively popular and is now closing in on 2 million views. But how do you create all the effects in that video, and how do you take your PowerPoint presentations to the next level, well this course will give you the answers to that and a lot more you need to know and learn about how to build great PowerPoint presentations. The course gives some technical instructions to create the different effects but is not a course in technical PowerPoint.

Learn how to

Use PowerPoint to create focus, clarity, understanding and ultimately results

Deliver complex subjects in ways that makes your audience exited for more

Use advanced techniques to gain credibility among your peers and escape the swamp of beginners

BONUS #3 - Live Webinars

Imagine being inspired by David JP Phillips live every month! He has been running seminars, training and coaching all over the world for over a decade but booking him costs a fair share of money which means that only a selected few can see him live and meet him live. Well, we want that to change, we want you and everybody to have the same opportunity to grow and become a more awesome communicator and public speaker!

That’s the background to the course within this matrix called “JP LIVE WEBINARS” – where you, from David will get a steady stream of unique content and knowledge without leaving your desk. To begin with, there will be a JP Webinar every month where he’s chosen a specific theme for that specific webinar (which you can see in the schedule), you will be able to ask questions and chat and even send in questions before the webinar.

The webinar will of course be recorded and if you can’t make it to the live webinar you can always go back and look at them whenever and wherever you want again and again and again.

Learn how to

Find your why and get clear on what matters to you

Put yourself in the best state possible for the task at hand

Share your message on stage to increase your contribution to the world around you

"Thank you for a great JP University:-) And yes, it´s kind of addictive. Well, I just finished the course magical storytelling: I got 65 out of 68 points on the quiz, and earned my diploma!” I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their communications skills. With JP University you can have it both ways. You get your daily dopamine kicks, and they can have a long-term effect!"
Bernt Flekke
Kommunikasjonsansvarleg program og prosjekt Helse Vest RHF

Your teacher - David JP Phillips

If we haven’t met before – my name is David JP Phillips and I help aspiring speakers all around the world become the greatest version of themselves on stage. I help them find their inner potential by teaching them communication, both internally through self leadership and externally through presentation skills. You are probably here for the second reason. You want to become more natural and effective on stage, right?

I want to tell you that I recognize and admire your willingness to grow on stage. In fact, I was at the exact same place earlier in my life. Giving amazing presentations wasn’t always my strong side…

Being bullied as a child and teen, I was desperate in finding a solution to my problems. By looking at my father who was very well spoken and admired by everyone, I became obsessed with finding out why some people had way more success in communication than others.

This led me to reading everything I could get my hands on in regards to psychology and when I applied what I learned I soon realized how crucial this knowledge is to getting the results others only could dream about. By the age of 20 I suddenly had a huge upper hand in this field and I soon started to coach people to help them with their problems.

All this has led me here – where I’m a world renowned speaking coach flying across the globe helping people like you getting the success you want and deserve.

We know that the knowledge in our university will help you achieve on a completely new level and we also know that it is an investment for the future on your part. We believe in this so much that we will take on all the risk if you choose to join us.

That’s why we offer a no questions asked 100% money back guarantee with our products for you to be able to try it out before you fully decide.

You can watch as many steps as you want in 24 hours and then choose if this is for you. If for any reason you would want to have you money back, we will fix it.

Another bonus for you - Unlockable treasures

In JP University there are several unlockable treasures for you to discover. You unlock these by learning and growing in the other courses. There might be a secret seinar never shown before and some helpful infographs to unlock.

When you are experienced you can even win coaching time with David JP Phillips himself!

"I came to your course for one of your TED talks about storytelling, which, after seeing many others, was precisely what I was looking for. I have put into practice the knowledge within the course and I have seen how they work in my classes as a Coach. I have succeeded in teaching others many of the principles in the courses of storytelling and body language, and the reaction when I explain what is happening is always the same: “wow, son of a b****“; guess I’m doing it right hahaha. Thank you for a great JP University!"
Gabriel Hormazábal Sanhueza
Ingeniero civil de industrias UC
"The program is quite simple. You watch the instructional video, read the articles, and watch so many wonderful examples from youtube. How much time did David and his team invested in making this course?! Cutting all those video's, placing playheads on the most important moments? The information is presented in small chunks. It gives you an excellent visual of your progress in the course. I think that this course has the highest entertainment value of all the zillion courses I've followed online in the past two decades."
Julia Rietveld

What if just one thought in the JP University...

helps you get rid of your anxiety before walking up on stage to share your message?

What if just one strategy in the JP University…

helps you keep your audience more engaged and willing to take the actions they need to?

What if just one technique in the JP University…

helps you make that important sale and enables you to grow your business?


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Don’t miss your chance to finally start living the life on stage you have been dreaming about.

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