WHY JP University?

“JPUniversity is the #1 communication training platform in the world!
We are scientists, we are storytellers, we are humans, our mission is to give everyone the opportunity to be the ultimate version of themselves!”

– We are the team of David JP Phillips!


As a global team we have spent the last four years building the unique I-learning world of JPUniversity – a world which is a direct reflection of David JP Phillips brain in both content and application! A world which will meet you with a 7-layer gamification model and soon to come VR and AI integration. The JPU World will give you practically every piece of knowledge, insight and skill you may need to excel communication, presentation, public speaking, leadership, sales or just excelling as a human being!

David JP Phillips is endorsed as one of the top 30 in communication by globalgurus.org and his three incredibly popular TEDx-talks has been enjoyed by almost five million all over the world!
And now – for the first time ever, wherever you live and whatever you work with you can learn every single skill, apply them and become a true Master of Communication! – all in your own pace and place.

JPUniversity has already changed countless of lives and if applied, will do the same for you! 

Let’s go on one of those epic life journeys together!

How It Works

The Courses

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